“I don’t like to be inside a studio.  I love to be outside, in nature, smelling the air and looking at all the colors – it makes me feel alive.  I like to look at… and be surrounded by beautiful things like flowers, the ocean, an old house with lots of character…My goal is to capture that beauty.”

Paintings by Dassie Abelson

"The Paragon Gallery" at Hull Town Hall 253 Atlantic Avenue, Hull, MA 

Set inside the foyer of Town Hall in The Paragon Gallery, Hull Artists are delighted to have a permanent exhibition space! Every exhibition features two artists’ work, with each artist's work occupying one wall. The Town Hall Exhibit is open to the public during business hours. 

October 27 - January 23, 2018:

Dassie Abelson: Acrylic Paintings
Michael Metcalfe: Abstract Acrylic Paintings